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Pre-ChiRhoStim® (Human Secretin)Stimulation MRCP

Note:Minimal Duodenal Filing/ Sparse MPD

Post-ChiRhoStim® (Human Secretin) MRCP
Note:Minimal Duodenal Filing/ Sparse MPD
Images courtesy of Joseph C. Veniero MD, PhD. from Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Welcome to the Secretin Enhanced MRCP (S-MRCP) and the Secretin Stimulation-MRCP (SS-MRCP) web site.

This site is focused on further development of Secretin-MRCP as an aid for pancreatic imaging procedures.  

Some highlights of this website are:

Publications on S-MRCP and SS-MRCP
Request reforms for medical sites to conduct S-MRCP medical studies
Ability to share and collaborate information on S-MRCP
Examples of before and after S-MRCP images (S-MRCP Images)

What is Secretin Enhanced MRCP?

Secretin is a naturally occurring 27-amino acid polypeptide released by ductal mucosa in response to acid in the lumen.
Secretin increases bicarbonate and pancreatic fluid secretion by the exocrine cells. Secretin relaxes the sphincter of Oddi and opens pancreatic duct orifices.

Secretin is injected intravenously at the time of the MRCP. Images are then taken every 30 seconds for 10 minutes. Maximum output of pancreatic fluid is optimal between 6 to 8 minutes. A dynamic image and video is created from a 3-D rendering by the radiologist. This image sequence examines the pancreas response to stimulation. The excess pancreatic fluid/bicarbonate will resonate a sharper image of the pancreas. Static MRCP’s turn into dynamic images with pancreatic stimulation.

Secretin enhanced MRCP (S-MRCP) relies on dynamic responses of the main pancreatic duct to secrete fluid after Secretin stimulation, which causes the improvement of visual clarity in sharpening pancreatic imaging (Matos, 1999).


Click on the images below to see short movies on SMRCP with ChiRhoStim® (Human Secretin for Injection)

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